Who I am - What I do

Who I am

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1945.

My professional back is Physical Education Teacher and Volleyball Coach.

I am a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst - Integrated Movement Studies Institute Intensive Program IMS- University of Utah (USA) - Janice Meaden, Peggy Hackney, Pamela Schick, Ed Groff.

Body-Mind Centering Practitioner - Chiemsee - Germany 2007 and Feldenkrais (Integrative Somatic Movement- Kientalerhof -Switzerland - Josef Della Grotte).

IDME (Infant Develpmental Movement Educator) - Tuscani (Italy) 2008 and Northampton (USA) 2008 - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gloria Desideri.


Feuerstein practitioner

What I do

Nowadays I am a movement consultant. This is the pathway I chose for developing my personal and professional activity. It allows me to stay in contact with different contexts and people:

Sport: I coach coaches (mainly Volleyball coaches, which is the field where I am better known because of my volleyball coach career.

Federations, clubs, sport organizations hire my services for building up programs. That means to propose structures that allow developing and improving abilities and following up players, teams and coaches.

I enjoy this area of my job because allows me to stay in contact with colleagues, to built up projects together without judging what they do. Just trying to reach them where they are with the intent of building up something together. As I tell them "when to be efficient is not enough and to talk with your wife about the problems of your job doesn't help you, then ... you need me"

Adults: Coming from the sport world I find "healthy" to share the needs of "mister everyday". Eric, my neighbor, is a professional violinist and teaches in a Conservatory as well. He finds that he is not as comfortable when he has to play while being seated, as he is when he is standing. Maggie, who is an amateur painter, is another example. Artists has a great facility to come inside their bodies but they ignore it because "inspiration doesn't belong to their bodies but to their souls" (??). The one-one sessions with them are inspiring because I discover how sensible are them to aspects as Shape and Effort connected to their emotions.

Another thing I do is movement sessions for groups that look for alternatives to fitness or weight lifting programs.

Children: I work on four areas:

  1. Movement sessions for children that practice a certain sport. In this case I work in close collaboration with the coach or teacher. I "translate" the movement actions of that sport in LMA terms. That means to describe and explain each action using BESS. I propose movements and sequences in order to facilitate the learning or refining of the particular aspects that compose each action.
  2. The School of Movement, which is a movement activity for children from 3 to 6 years old. This activity is adapted to be used in clubs and in schools.
  3. Children with special needs.
  4. Children with learning difficulties.

Educational Program: Interactive programs for people interested in movement as teachers or movers that want to deepen their embodied knowledge and exploring the area of movement.

The groups are very heterogeneous (volleyball coaches, school teachers, teachers for disable people, karate trainers, etc) this fact allows an interdisciplinary interaction.